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Look & Find Bible: Old Testament Stories

Item: BH-26

$ 12.99

Kids of all ages will delight in exploring God's word and world as they seek out key characters and images on the pages of this full color look-and-learn storybook.

Each story is presented with a special fold-out format that includes the Bible Story, list of search and find items, and a two-page illustration.

Look & Find Old Testament Stories includes "Noah's Ark," "The Exodus," "The Walls of Jericho," "David & Goliath," and "Jonah and the Big Fish."

This interactive tool teaches children ages 4 to 8 about the Bible. Exciting illustrations offers snapshots of Bible life and times in a visual format for a younger audience. The whole family can enjoy this engaging seek and find book. Accompanying Scripture references help parents dig deeper with their child.

Look & Find Bible: Old Testament Stories